What is Real-Casting?

Why Choose Real-Casting?

Simple. We will find the bona-fide real. We will travel to any location to find real people, in their real element, performing real jobs, showcasing real talents. Our experience gets to the nitty-gritty, no matter how unique or difficult the job. We focus on our clients’ needs and execute the realest of the real.

Who is Real-Casting?

Our team at Real-Casting has worked in the entertainment industry since the early 2000’s. Our casting resume includes commercials, music videos, television pilots, and short films. Over the years, the top, most respected, production companies and ad agencies have sought out our unique perception and intuitive approach to street casting.

Our team travels extensively, zigzagging across the country, to obscure locations, asking strangers to share their personal stories. These unscripted, genuine moments are worth finding, and are the motivation behind each of our projects.

"A really good cast needs passion and authenticity. But when it comes to real people casting, there also needs to be a tenacity and trust. Not everyone has the guts for it. We feel fortunate to be able to connect with strangers in all walks of life; we find hope and inspiration in their stories."

- Founders,
Sara Stanton and Mary Ruth Egender

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